Decorating on a Dime: Fall

Okay, first, just let me say: HOLY COW!!!!!!!!! It’s been so long since I’ve put up a post on this blog! As if work hadn’t kept me busy enough, I started back as a full time graduate student in January and have been taking classes since then. So, it’s been work all day and homework (or just being lazy when I don’t have homework!) all evening! I seriously love working as a dental assistant and I’m so happy to continue with my degree and can’t wait to finish it off, but sadly I haven’t had as much time for crafting, trying new recipes, etc. However, I need to get back into it!

So, people, the Fall season is approaching quickly! Now, I love Fall! It is absolutely my favorite season and has been ever since I was a kid! Therefore, I don’t hold back when it comes to decking out my house for the pumpkin season! Let me just show you a few simple ways I decorate my house starting in early September!


First is the centerpiece I have on my dining room table. I just used a long white platter (that I reuse for basically every season!) and lined up 3 pumpkins (mine are fake to be used again year after year, but you could definitely use real mini pie pumpkins!) and wrapped them with a leaf garland I believe I bought at the Dollar Tree. Very simple, but pretty.

table table2

I love this corner shelf that my mother-in-law gave me. I use it to place decorations for every holiday and every season.


On top, I tried to re-create this design I found on Pinterest with white pumpkins and pine cones.


On the second shelf, I am once again using my technique of incorporating stacked books into my decorations, with the books wrapped in some pretty fall-ish scrapbook paper.


I created these Mason jar luminaries to line my staircase. I used ModPodge to apply the fake leaves & placed a tea light candle in each. Super easy!

jar jars jar2

In my townhouse, there is a small ledge right above the staircase that I use to put decorations. For Fall, I used 3 fake leaf garlands as well as some extra loose fake leaves scattered about with white candles and a couple scarecrows from the dollar store.


On top of the shelf that holds our DVDs, I put my glass containers to use with some fake leaves, acorns, and pillar candles. I have a bunch of glass containers that I use over and over again for each holiday/season but just switch out the fillings.


There is another random ledge above our air intake. I just put it to use for more decorations! I’m a fan of anything shiny, sparkly, or glittery and I managed to snag these fancy pumpkins on sale at Big Lots last year at the end of the season. I paired them with an arrangement of fall berries and decorative dried grass.


And finally, this is my Fall wreath that I made probably about 2 years ago right after Drew and I got married. It was the first wreath I’d ever made and the start of all of this crafty craziness! I used this tutorial from How to Nest for Less!


And these are JUST my Fall decorations! Once October rolls around, I’ll be pulling out a few other things specifically for Halloween, so be sure to check back for that post!

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