Decorating on a Dime: Christmas

Guess who’s back?! I know I’ve been away from this blog FOREVERRR!!! I’ve been super busy at work and home and getting ready to start taking classes again! Anyway, I’m ready to get back in the swing of posting here, and what better way to start than with my most favorite holiday ever: CHRISTMAS!

I’ll be honest–my Christmas tree has been up since early November! I get so excited for the holiday season and one of my favorite ways to show it is through my decorations. Below are some of the decking I’ve done around my halls!


I love the fact that decorating for Christmas (or any holiday, really) doesn’t require a huge price tag. $$$ For the most part, I re-use a lot of the glass containers I have on hand and use for other holiday decorating and just switch out the fillers.

For example, the reds, whites, and silvers found in these candy canes, bulbs, and bows are very eye-catching side-by-side. You could use the same size/shape containers for a more symmetrical look, but I think the different shapes provide some visual interest. This idea came from these gorgeous Christmas apothecary jars. …I really need to invest in some apothecary jars!


You may recognize these wine glasses and candles from my Valentine’s Day decorations. With some added bulbs underneath and on a pretty platter, they make a great holiday centerpiece for my dining room table!


Another of my favorite, favorite ways to decorate for any holiday/season is with stacked books. You will see this in several of my decorations. For my Christmas books, I wrapped the books in some pretty wrapping paper and topped them with a figurine or a stand-alone decoration I had on hand.

?????????? ??????????

For the “JOY” on my wall, I bought a “J” and a “Y” letter from Michael’s and covered them in glittery scrapbook paper with ModPodge. I got the snowflake from Big Lots to use in place of an “O”… very simple way to bring JOY to your wall!


This year, I tried to create my own Winter Scene in a jar that I found on Pinterest. It is such a simple project to put together and so very pretty. Use an apothecary jar or a jar with a lid (I think the one I got was meant for terrariums–on sale at Michael’s!). Place some snow fluff in the bottom, a small village building in the middle (they have them at the Dollar Tree!), surround with a few trees and sprinkle glitter snow all over the top. It’s so easy!


Another thing I’m loving about my Christmas decorations this year is my village! This is not necessarily a cheap/easy project, but it can be if you have a lot of patience! This is a new addition to my decorations because I have been slowly getting the pieces together. I got a few of my buildings as Christmas presents last year, and always make sure to scope out the after-holiday sales! The smaller buildings in the middle are some I picked up at the Dollar Tree which are actually quite cute, but I’m using them as space holders until I can get some more larger ones to add to the collection. I’ve always wanted one of these villages and I’m so excited that I finally got a start on it! I’m hoping to get a few more buildings as presents this year so next Christmas, my village will be even more spectacular!

?????????? ??????????

And finally–my Christmas wreath! I made this wreath around Christmas time last year, so sadly I don’t have a tutorial, but I did closely follow the tutorial for this wreath I found on Pinterest. Basically, I jazzed up a plain pine wreath with ribbons, bulbs, and a few extras. I got the “Merry Christmas” in the center from the $1 ornaments at Wal-Mart and just attached it using hot glue! Very simple!


May all of your decorating be joyful and bring lots of life into your home! Happy holidays and Merry Christmas!

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