Decorating on a Dime: Summer

I know I’m a little late on getting this post up, but I want to share some cheap but cute ways to brighten up your home with affordable summer decorations!



Seashells are one of my favorite ways to decorate for summer because–not only are they beautiful, but–they are so cheap (or even free if you like to collect them on beach vacations!).


Filling up a vase with seashells of various sizes is one simple way to create a summery decoration.


Lime green and turquoise are two of my favorite colors to use in the summer. They were my wedding colors and the vase of sand above is actually from our wedding sand ceremony! It would be a neat art project to make yourself, though! Also, the tall glass vases with seashells in the bottom and white pillar candles on top are beautiful ways to bring a touch of the beach into your home.


One of my favorite ways to decorate for any holiday/season is with books covered with scrapbook paper. You can usually find books for pocket change at yard sales or thrift stores. Use glue or ModPodge to cover with the scrapbook paper, stack them, and place a pretty decoration on top. Again, I resorted to a glass container with sand, seashells, and a simple white votive candle.

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Colored glass bottles is another affordable way to brighten your home. I found these turquoise and lime bottles at Big Lots.


Another way I like to decorate for each season/holiday is to jazz up my photo coasters. I like my coasters, but I just don’t feel right placing beverages on the faces of my loved ones, so I have never filled them with photos. Instead, I find scrapbook paper to match the occasion, cut out the right size squares, and place them inside! Details, details!

Also, be sure to check out my tutorials for my summer wreath and my seashell votive holder!

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