Summer Wreath

Summer is here! Have you shown your front door some summer love, yet? If not, you should really try out this budget friendly wreath!

??????????You will need:
-1 Wreath Form (I used a wire one because I had it on hand, but you could use foam!)
-Fabric/ribbon (Use summery colors! My favorites are turquoise & lime green… my wedding colors!)
-Starfish/seashell accent
-Hot glue gun/glue


If you are using fabric, you will need to cut it into strips probably about 3 inches wide. Wrap it around the wreath form a couple times, using glue to hold it in place. Cut off the excess and use your ribbon in another color to wrap once, gluing in place. Add more of the fabric in the first color, wrapping a few more times and repeating this process until you have about 6 inches left.

?????????? ??????????

Use your secondary color to fill in that 6 inch space. Use yarn in your primary color to wrap around that 6 inch space just to add some visual interest (also kind of resembles a fishnet!).

?????????? ??????????

Glue your starfish or seashell accent on top of the yarn, and you’re done! Simple but lovely!


Tweet me pictures of your wreath! @CaitWithTheFace

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2 Responses to Summer Wreath

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  2. Nik Kelly says:

    Neat ! I’d never have thought of using a wire wreath form !
    Character in a story I’m writing has to devise a bunch of off-beat dance accessories. This route provides several…

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