Exceeding Expectations

When I started my new job, I went in with one goal: to exceed any expectations my new employers had for me. And so far… I’ve got to say, I’ve been pretty successful!

I think I previously mentioned that I had interviewed with this company 3 times before they finally hired me. On my resume, I had clearly stated my strengths, including: “Fast learner.” Yet, it seemed no one had faith in my honesty! But luckily, I’m getting the chance to show them my full potential.

At the beginning of my training, they’ve warned me, “This is a lot of new information to learn. It’s a lot to take in. It can be overwhelming. Don’t give up. You’ll get the hang of it.” And I think it was about day 3 when I started hearing, “Wow, you’re a quick learner! You’re doing awesome! You’re doing everything perfect! No one gets this perfect on the first try!”

It really feels great to pleasantly surprise my coworkers and supervisors. They assumed I would need a lot of help coming into this position, but they are amazed at how quickly I’ve learned the ropes and how well I’m doing. Of course I have to give major props to my coworkers; they’ve been nothing but welcoming and helpful and patient during this time. But this has been a major confidence boost for myself as well. I can’t even explain how great it feels to exceed those expectations previously set for me. If I have any advice to give to someone about to begin a new career, it’s to set the bar for yourself and then aim way above it. Going above and beyond can really pay off in the end, and I, myself, can’t wait to be rewarded for my hard work!

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One Response to Exceeding Expectations

  1. Molly Hudkins says:

    You should have put me as a reference. I could have told them what a great worker they are getting. Of course, they probably would have felt I was biased since I am your mother. I am so glad things are going well.

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