Decorating on a Dime: Thrift Store Treasures

If you think it’s absurd to spend hundreds of dollars on items simply used for decorations… well, you’re right! It is absurd! No one has to dish out that kind of money for decor when there are perfectly good items for sale in a place many people don’t dare to check: your local thrift store!

I know it may seem like a lot of the things lining the walls of thrift stores is just outdated junk, but there are few items that can’t be taken home and given a little TLC before they’re good as new.

Take, for instance, my latest find at Goodwill. During one trip, I spotted these little angel statues for $0.49 each, and after some consideration, I decided not to get them. It was only when I returned about two weeks later and found they still hadn’t been purchased, that I decided to give them a home.

This is what they looked like when I bought them:

You can probably see why many people walked right by these cuties. But, I saw their potential and knew with a few layers of paint, they would look great!

So that’s what I did. And this is what they look like now:
?????????? ??????????

I love my little angels! They bring a lot of character to my bookcase, I think. And I love even better that I didn’t even spend $1 for the pair of them!

What discarded treasures can you find at your local thrift store and bring back to life?

Tweet me pictures! @CaitWithTheFace

For other tips on creating frugal decorations: I love the blog How To Nest For Less. Check it out!

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