Pinterest Project: Solid Color Canvas Quotes

This project was Pinterest-inspired when I happened upon this lovely lady’s blog. It’s one of the simplest crafts, yet.


You will need:
-Wooden letters (enough to spell out the phrase or word of your choosing)
-Hot glue gun & glue
-Spray paint, color of your choice

For mine, I chose to make 2 with some of my husband’s favorite Bible verses. But whatever you choose to spell out, arrange the wooden letters on the canvas how you want them placed, then glue them down!


Once your letters are glued down and have had some time to dry, use your spray paint to cover the entire canvas and letters. Be sure to do this step outside or in a well-ventilated room! You may have to do several coats to ensure the wood on the letters doesn’t show through. And that’s it!

These are mine:



Be creative… make designs with your letters… use your freedom of expression and make something awesome!

If you do this project, tweet me pictures! @CaitWithTheFace

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