Pinterest Project: D.I.Y. Frame Serving Tray

One day when I was browsing Pinterest, I came across this tutorial on how to make a serving tray out of a large picture frame! I fell in love with idea and immediately knew this was a project I needed to make! I’m pretty sure in the other tutorial, the lady uses the frame as is, but I decided to buy a plain wooden frame and paint it my desired color. Here’s how to do it!


You will need:
1 large frame
Cloth of your choice, large enough to cover the backing of the frame
Paint, your color of choice & paintbrushes
2 cabinet/drawer handles (You can find these at pretty much any hardware store. Mine came from Lowe’s for $1.97 each.)
Hot glue gun & gluesticks
Modpodge (optional)


I began by lining up the handles where I wanted them & drilling the holes so I wouldn’t mess up my paint job later. Also, it’s a good idea to make sure your handles are going to work or see if you need some shorter screws (like I did!). After your holes are drilled, give your frame as many coats of the paint you’ve chosen as you need until the wood is not showing through. I painted the back of my frame too, although this is a personal preference because that side should not show too often.


After you’ve painted your frame as many times as you like, you may choose to give the whole thing a quick coat of Mod Podge to prevent the paint from flaking or chipping off in the future, but this is optional.

?????????? ??????????

Next, move on to your fabric. If it has any wrinkles, be sure to iron it and make it nice and flat! Once it’s ready, lay the fabric face down with the frame backing on top. Fold over the excess and glue it in place with your hot glue gun, making sure to keep the fabric taut and free of wrinkles!

?????????? ??????????

Back to the frame! Screw your handles into place.

?????????? ??????????

Turn the frame upside down & line the inside with a line of glue all the way around to give a little extra reinforcement to the glass and backing. Place the frame’s glass back in on top of the glue. Then, put the backing in with the cloth side showing through the glass and fasten in place.


Woo-hoo! You’ve got yourself a nifty little tray that could be used for all kinds of things!


You could use it in your guest bedroom to display a sort of “welcome” gift to your visitors (time to put all of those free samples, trial size/hotel shampoos to use!).


You could use it simply for decorative purposes!


Or you could actually use it for serving drinks, etc. when you’re entertaining! (Mine was definitely durable enough to hold that whole pitcher and the 4 glasses!)

The possibilities are endless! If you make this project, I’d love to see how yours turns out! Tweet me a picture @CaitWithTheFace

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