Budget Tip: After Holiday Sales

After any major holiday is a great time to stock up on some necessary items for way cheap! Obviously, after Christmas you can buy some Christmas decorations on sale for the next holiday season, etc. But more than that, if you look closely enough, you can find some items that can be used any time of year!

For example, just after Easter, I found this glittery gift bag for 50% off at Walmart.


It was originally $0.97, so I got it for $0.48. I was in need of a gift bag for my niece’s birthday present, and this was a great deal! You can hardly find gift bags for less than $1 these days.


The only thing “Easter-y” about it was the gift tag that was shaped like a bunny. But I just snipped it off and made my own! (Find out how here)


They also had tissue paper on sale. Some said “Happy Easter!” but then there was some that just had polka dots and could be used year-round.

Also, lots of stores have baking items like sprinkles, cookie cutters, muffin pans, and spatulas on sale after the holidays. The only thing different about them is they may be red, pink, or heart-shaped for Valentine’s Day or something, but those are things you could use year-round.

So, after the holidays, don’t be afraid to stock up on the sale items. While you may not need 20 bags of plastic eggs, look closely and see what good deals you can find!

If you find a treasure for a good price, let me know in the comments below!

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