Be Patient & Believe in Yourself

I did it! I got the job! Finally! After about four months of waiting, I’ve been offered the position I’ve been hoping to get! It wasn’t an easy journey, but I’ve learned a lot about the waiting process in the meantime.

First of all, patience is everything. I’ve been interviewing with this company for about 3 months now. I applied for one position, interviewed, didn’t get the job, but they asked if I would like to interview for another position they had in a different office. I said sure, and interviewed for that office. Again, I didn’t get the job, but they had a third position for me to interview for. I agreed, and I guess my persistence and patience paid off because I GOT THE JOB!!

I also learned that believing in yourself is the number one rule for achieving any goal. There were several times during my job hunt that I got totally discouraged that no one was ever going to see any potential in me and I started applying for positions I was wayyy over-qualified for. I got scared of the possibility of actually getting one of those jobs, so on more than one occasion, I asked the employer to throw out my application and no longer consider me. I was finally offered a job at a retail store for a little more than minimum wage, and I was actually supposed to start my training today. But I knew there were at least 3 other jobs which I’d rather have that I was still waiting to hear from or go to second interviews for, so I panicked and called the store to tell them I wasn’t interested in the position anymore. I debated forever before I finally made the decision to call, but I prayed to God that I made the right decision. I knew that I wouldn’t be happy working at the store and that I wouldn’t feel proud of myself and my accomplishments. Drew was pretty upset that I turned down the job because we were starting to wonder if we’d be able to pay our rent next month. I felt as though I’d let him down, but somehow I knew there were better things coming my way. And now I am so happy I had more confidence in myself because if I had been training as a cashier today, I would have missed the phone call offering the position I’ve been waiting for!

I am so excited that the job hunting part of my journey has come to an end and I can now begin this next adventure in my life. Thank you to everyone who has believed in me and encouraged me to only aim for the best!

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