Fortune Cookie Wisdom

One evening last week, Drew and I had Chinese takeout for dinner. One of our favorite parts of eating Chinese food is opening the fortune cookie at the end of the meal. Usually I like to choose mine and believe that (in some divine way) it was meant especially for me. But on this particular night, Drew finished eating before I did and dished out the fortune cookies himself. Just joking around, I lifted the one he gave me and said, “How do you know this one is mine?” He clutched his cookie close and replied matter-of-factly, “Because this one is mine!” He cracked open his cookie and pulled out the little white slip of paper from inside. After reading it with a blank expression, he simply set it down on the table and slid it over to me. “This one is yours,” he stated. I picked it up and read my intended fortune: “Buy things because you need them, not because they are on sale.” Yep! Definitely mine!

Anyone who knows me knows my love of shopping and especially finding a good deal! But now I’ve even been outsmarted by a cookie! Maybe this is a sign that I should hold off on hitting the sales until after I find a job!

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