Pinterest Project: Key Hook Frame

I fell in love with this idea of using a picture frame as a place to hang your keys. The tutorial provided used a frame as-is, but I decided to purchase a plain wooden one and paint it myself.


You will need:
-Frame of your choice
-Screw hooks
-Paint and paintbrushes


First, remove the glass and backing from the frame. I started by deciding where I wanted to place my hooks and screwing them in so I wouldn’t mess up my paint job after it was done. I chose to use 4 hooks, but depending on the size of your frame, you may choose to use more.


Once the holes have been designated for your hooks, take the hooks back out and start painting the frame your choice of color! I picked this green because my living room has a kind of brown, tan, and green theme going on. Do as many coats of paint as you need until the wood is not showing through, unless you want it to have a weathered/streaky look.


This part is optional, but once my paint was dry, I gave the whole frame a quick coat of my Mod Podge gloss to prevent the paint from chipping or flaking off.


Once everything is dry and you’re happy with the look of your frame, screw the hooks back into their holes and you’re finished!

This is where our keys were hanging before:


And now I have this cute frame key holder!


If you make this project, I’d love to see pictures of how yours turns out! Tweet it to me @CaitWithTheFace

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