It’s truly amazing when you think you know everything about someone, but realize you keep learning new things about this person everyday. Drew and I were together nearly six years before we got married in August. Even on our wedding day, I believed that I knew all there was to know about Drew when we said “I do.” Yet, six months later, I am still discovering certain quirks that weren’t presented to me on a disclaimer beforehand. Like, for instance, the fact that my husband changes his underwear every morning and every night. Or his habit of mixing his macaroni and cheese in applesauce. While these things seem weird to me, I have to understand that I most likely have my own quirks that Drew sometimes questions (like writing about his underwear changing habits on the world wide web, perhaps?). We’ve all got traits that set us apart from one another, which is probably a good thing. I’m not concerned that I hadn’t learned about these quirks until after our wedding because discovering new things about each other keeps life interesting. So, the next time I am complaining about folding fourteen pairs of boxers, I need to remember that the things that make Drew unique are the things that make him one of a kind. It’s actually reassuring to know that there is only one person like my husband in the world, and that’s my husband! Embrace one another’s quirks and you may appreciate the YOUniqueness of your significant other even more.

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