Craft: DIY Hair Accessory Organizer

Ladies, if you’re anything like me, the designated place for your hairbands, clips, and bobby  pins is anywhere you can find a place for them, am I right? No one really knows what to do with those things, and the most organization they ever see is if they happen to find their way into a drawer to be stored until the next use. Well, I’d like to show you this super easy and super cute D.I.Y. project that ANYBODY can make! My D.I.Y. Hair Accessory Organizer!


After you have this, your hair accessories will have their own special place to hang out. And best of all, you will always know where they are when you need them– no more mad hunts around the house!

You will need:
-Some type of board. I used a spare canvas I had lying around, but any kind of board would work. You could even use a large piece of cardboard!
-A piece of fabric large enough to cover your board with a little extra to fold behind the board. I got a fabric square from Joann’s Fabrics for $1.99, and cut off the excess. If you have a collection of fabric scraps or leftover fabric from another project, that’s even better! Just make sure it’s large enough!
-Coordinating ribbon. I chose to use 2 different shades of pink, but use what will go with your fabric! If you’ve got extra ribbon lying around at home you could use, great!
-A small bit of Velcro
-2 cabinet/drawer knobs. Any hardware store has them. I got mine for $.97 each at Lowe’s! And they’re pink!
-Hot glue gun & glue sticks


Make sure to iron your fabric if needed. You’ll want to make sure it’s nice and flat! Start by lying your fabric face down and position your board face down in the center. Use your glue gun to shoot a line of glue along one edge and fold the extra fabric over. Repeat on each side, making sure to keep your fabric smooth, tight, and free of wrinkles! Carefully fold down the corners so they don’t show from the front and glue them into place.


Next, cut 3 strands of ribbon the height of your board with some excess to glue down on the back. Position your ribbons where you want them and use your glue gun to glue the ends on the back of the board.


Next, cut 2 strands of ribbon about 8 inches long. This part is a little tricky and confusing: If your ribbon has a specific “front” and “back” (like my hot pink ribbon had a shiny side and a matte side), make sure the back is facing you and hold it vertically. On the top end, fold about half an inch down the “front” (meaning the front of the ribbon, which is not the side facing you) and glue into place to create a seam. On the bottom end, fold about half an inch over on the “back” (side facing you) and glue. If your ribbon looks the same on both sides, just make sure if you are holding it vertically, one end’s seam is facing you and one end’s seam is facing away from you.

Now it’s time to use the Velcro! Mine was way too big for my ribbon, so I just cut it down to size, and even though it was supposed to be sewn on, I just used my best friend: hot glue gun! Once your have your Velcro to the proper size, glue one side to the end of the ribbon with the seam folded over to the “front”. Make sure the Velcro is glued on the opposite side of the ribbon though! (I told you this is confusing to explain!) So, the end is folded over and glued to the “front” and you will be gluing the Velcro on the “back”. On that same side of the ribbon but on the other end, you will glue the other side of the Velcro. This one should be on top of the seam, this time. Now, when you attach the two sides of Velcro together, the shiny or “front” side of your ribbon will be showing. Repeat this for your second strand of ribbon.

These ribbons will become loops you can use to hook hair elastics, etc. Position them next to the 3 ribbons you’ve already glued to the board, one above the other.

Glue down the end of one ribbon using the end with the seam folded toward the “front,” and the Velcro on the opposite side. This will allow the shiny side of the ribbon to show once it loops up. Attach the Velcro, and you should have a loop! Repeat for the second ribbon.


I hope you made it through that! This is what your board should look like so far:


Now it’s time to add the knobs! Once again, I turned to my best friend, the hot glue gun, to complete this part. My screws were too long for my board, but if you’ve got a thicker board you might consider actually screwing on the knobs. I positioned the knobs where I wanted them, and then put the hot glue all over the bottom and stuck them in place! TA-DA! Looking good!


Now I’ve got a cute place to keep all of my hair accessories! Use the loops for elastics, the ribbons for clips and pins, and the knobs for headbands!


I added a ribbon to the back of mine with hot glue so that I can hang it on my wall, but you could mount yours however you’d like!


The great thing about this project is that you can totally personalize it! Use colors of your choice, you could add more loops or more flat ribbons or more knobs or change it up a bit! It’s up to you!

If you decide to make this project, I’d love to see pictures of how yours turns out! Please tweet a picture to me! @CaitWithTheFace

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