A West Virginia Kind of Life

Life in West Virginia is simple living for the most part. From the outside looking in, we seem like down to earth country folk, which is mostly true. But we are also much more complex than that.

As a young person, I’ve frequently heard many of my peers exclaim with frustration, “I can’t wait to get out of West Virginia!” Yet, at the same time, a part of us never wants to leave. Even for those who have moved across the country, there is a piece of their heart that still resides among the mountains of West Virginia. For visitors of the state, it may seem as though there is nothing to do here. You’d be right… except there’s everything to do here! We don’t have amusement parks, subways, or any major tourist attractions, but we have our friends and family, and we know how to make our own fun. West Virginia may not be the best place to go if you’re looking for a busy city life. But we’ve got the freshest air, the most breathtaking views, and the friendliest people around.

I remember my eighth grade West Virginia History teacher explaining our state’s position on the map of the United States. He said, “We are the most eastern western state, the most western eastern state, the most southern northern state, and the most northern southern state.” West Virginia is, in a way, it’s own world. Too many people don’t give our state the credit we deserve. And actually, too many people think West Virginia is the western part of Virginia!

Life here is practically perfect. I’ve lived here all my life, as have my parents and grandparents and great-grandparents… And I’ll eventually raise my own family here. For now, I’m just living the West Virginia life day by day and taking whatever comes my way. Most days are relaxing and peaceful, but you’d be surprised how crazy things can get around here!

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